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Here is the update on Masks. Because we caught up and cleared the backlog, we are posting reports once a week. This is a average report based on all stores and orders. Might change based on daily basis and store.

If your orders date is out of this time frame, there is definitely a technical problem, please reach our support on [email protected], they won’t reply your messages on group.

We have 122 Etsy orders ranging between 15th-25th that their listings might have been changed, if any other listings added to your published item, AOP will not receive the details of the additions and the originally published image would be processed, prevent these mistakes AOP puts these on HOLD status, please contact AOP support if you have this criteria

Current production time frame is 5 to 7 Business days. This is AVERAGE production time, Might change based on daily basis and store.
If your store orders don’t go out in those time frames, there could be many reasons. Please contact our support. You can request a refund before the order goes out.

Please before email our support team, check this report.
If you wonder why your order’s USPS Shipping labels created and you can’t track, read the picture 2.
There is a detailed information about USPS and Royal Mail deliveries here:

Products apart from Masks getting better. Suppliers are sending blanks out in 4 to 6 days. There is a update about that here:
For more info please email to support.We are receiving delays on USPS side. Sadly we cant do anything about it.

If you still need help email us on [email protected] with order number and store name.
Allow us 24 to 48 hours to reply. We are hired more support agents, but training takes time.

Posting like “Where is my order?” to group wont help, we do not know what store and order you are talking about. Also support team doesn’t check here. Please email us.

Our daily capacity is 3000 + / day, if you are planing to scale we have room, reach us.

If you need any cancelation talk to our support we are happy to help.
If you receive a positive feedback please share with us, that makes us happy. If you receive bad one, share too we are trying to make this product perfect.

See you next report, love you all!

Report is also on: https://blog.aop.plus/face-masks-updates
AOP+ Team

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