Dear ETSY Users

Because of the Face Masks, we have a lot of users from ETSY on AOP+, and we are so happy to have them here.

But lately we have seen some violations especially against how Custom Orders and Manual Ordering System works on AOP+ and those violations increase the amount of work we have to do in AOP and slow down our production. 


1- We will accept no manual orders via email, only via Shopify

– If you like to place a manual order, you have to create that on Shopify. Shopify Lite is very affordable and will work nicely for manual orders.

2- No custom artworks for Face Masks only via Shopify

– If you are a member and trying to use our Custom Order Processing WorkFlow, that doesn’t cover mask orders. You can use Shopify Lite​ and place orders there for custom Face Mask orders.

3- We will print original artwork of the orders who have multi designs on one ETSY listing.

– If you are an ETSY user, and creating one listing for different designs on the same listing and trying to send us those orders with upgrading your membership using Custom Order Process that is not allowed too. Custom Order Process​ is only for customised product offers, not for that. If you willing to sell different designs you need to create product for each design on ETSY with AOP+

We have seen some ETSY users using our system this way and that is causing a big increase in manual labour work on our side, slowing our processing speed and causing us to make mistakes and sending wrong orders out. Also, because the way they use is not suitable to our software’s architecture and our production workflow. 

We like to process your orders but we do not have time or enough labour to do your manual work, We are sorry. You need to do that on your end, and the only way is using Shopify Lite or other packages of Shopify. We are working 10+ hours / day 17 people here to make our users happy, but if you are abusing the system and our helpful approach we might block your stores and won’t process your orders. 

Thank you for your understanding. Any problem please reach us on [email protected]

AOP+ Team.

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